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Residential Recap

January 12, 2017

We rose early for our beds and left for breakfast at 8.15am, the sun was rising which set a lovely back drop over lake Windermere. After breakfast we headed back up to our rooms to get our wet gear and then headed down to the boathouse on the side of lake Windermere to get ready for a morning of canoeing.

The sites in which we seen were lovely with the sun bouncing of the lake, made it more of a unbelievable experience, more so for myself as for me it was overcoming a fear that I have had since I was young that I have a fear of open water! Although I had this fear I wanted to prove to myself that I was able to overcome it so I did. It head off around the lake and got to see a lot of the environment surrounding the lake, we got to a point in were we needed to start to head back but before we did we got ourselves a group selfie. When getting ready to leave, the worst thing that could of happened, happened………..mine and Tom from MYA’s canoe was tipped so we went into the lake, lost our GoPro camera to the lake and we got soaked! It was an experience I did not want to happen but it happened but the friends I made from the research champions Sarah and Lyndel kept me calm and with there help and G our guide we was able to get back to dry land and then build a raft to get us back to the boat house.

Once we all arrived back at the boat house, G went back out with our other guide Steven to see if they could find our GoPro, lucky for us G was able to find it and dived into the lake and swam 3metres down to get it back to us.We got back to our rooms and were able to get showers and get dry before heading down to lunch.

After lunch we was able to sit down and draw up our plan for our celebration event and get some video recording of how we felt about Talent Match and how we were feeling so far on the residential.

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